• Antonio Varghese

    Chairman & CEO

Chairman’s Message

Having previously conquered the world of brand building for other companies, the next logical step was to establish my own Integrated Marketing Solutions Company. And so, Avant Communication was born with the vision of utilising the UAE’s wealth of multi-national, creative talent. Since its inception, Avant Communication has won over 40 international awards and as I believe that one never stops learning, I can honestly say that my understanding of brands, marketing strategies, business development and now, new media has continually grown at every step of the way.

After many years of successfully positioning the brands of clients I decided to develop brands of my own. This was the beginning of what would come to be known as ‘The Avant Brand’. Using my experience and knowledge I have created a comprehensive company structure, diversifying my brand through a group company called Avant Holding. Today, the group of companies includes Avant Enterprises, Avant Communication and Avant Publishing with regional offices in the UAE, India, China, Germany, Africa and America. Avant develops, designs, manufactures and distributes high quality products under the Avant name. This company and its products benefit from the expertise provided by Avant Communication. Through clear, effective marketing we have been able to guide our numerous products to commercial success. Today our line of products includes Avant Signature Flooring, Roofing, Avant Wall Panels and Avant Ceilings all proudly bearing the Avant brand name.

I have always lived by one principle: I want to add value to people’s lives, be it the people that I employ or the customers that I serve through my various companies. I always strive to create a sense of wellbeing for people who get in contact with the Avant brand. If there is one thing that I have learnt in business it is that conventional thinking will simply stand in the way of growth and limit one’s potential. As a businessman I open myself to possibility. Sometimes, opportunities are not the ones that you were necessarily looking for, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great opportunity. By simply broadening my views I have been able to branch out into other areas. Today, we service a number of various sectors, from branding and communication, to import/export and even construction. By keeping an open mind I have been able to build a business that is both strong and diverse at a global level.

I value determination, tenacity and forward thinking. These are also qualities that I wish to cultivate in my employees. I firmly believe that one has to lead by example. If I can inspire my employees to always go the extra mile in terms of customer service and the execution of their daily tasks, Avant Holding will be a great company that will continue the robust growth it has seen in recent times.

The strength of a company rests on the strength of its employees. I encourage my staff to enrich themselves with knowledge. I challenge them to find solutions other than the ones prescribed by industry. I insist on a workforce that is as determined to create a positive impact as I am. If they incorporate these principles into their lives there will be no limit to the potential of Avant Holding. People have come to associate the Avant brand with value and quality. My pledge is that we will continue to build on the faith and trust in our name.

Towards Tomorrow Together